About Smile Swimmers

Founded in 2011, Smile Swimmers swimming school was started out of one individual’s love for swimming and a strong desire to coach. Ever since he began coaching, Coach Kidd had a dream of setting up a school through which he could impart his knowledge of the sport and inculcate a passion for swimming in children of all ages.

This vision continues to shape everything we do at Smile Swimmers. Our swimming courses Infants, Toddlers, Preschools & Kids equip our students with the skill of swimming, survival skills, build self-confidence and instil values that can be applied to all aspects of their lives even after they have graduated.


We offer lessons in both public pools (SSC’s island-side swimming pools) and private (condominiums, landed house, etc) and Whatever your swimming needs or level of proficiency, we can help. Sign up with us today!

Enrol in one of our swimming courses by contacting our lead instructor and ambassador, Coach Kidd, for a quick chat at:

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Why Start Early?

At Smile Swimmers, we believe that being able to swim is one of the most important life-skills. Very much like riding a bicycle, one never forgets “how to swim” once he or she has acquired the knowledge. So it is important to pick this skill up as early as possible.

We believe that no one is ever too young to begin learning how to swim. In fact, infants and toddlers take to water more easily than older children or adults. Having been surrounded for 9 months by the protective amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb, they are essentially being re-introduced to the sensation of floating freely when swimming, and readily come to embrace the experience.

Swimming is a key activity that infants and toddlers can learn to do safely even before walking. However, it is important to note that they begin losing the natural ability to hold their breath and familiarity with water as early as 3 months old, so the earlier you get your child gets started, the better.

Aside from being a natural, low impact, physical activity to partake in, swimming helps in the rapid development of motor skills, and reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular (heart) and respiratory (lung) diseases.

On top of physiological benefits, our swimming courses instil:


This comes naturally as the individual struggles and eventually achieves the attainment of the skill through their own determination

Leadership Skills

Individuals learn through observation of our coaches and the way direction is given and instructions are followed


Through positive reinforcement, we encourage our students to go beyond what they deem to be their “limits”


By learning that results are achievable through the performance of specific actions on a consistent basis, individuals learn the importance of persevering and following through in everything they do

To further add on, a recent Griffiths University research suggests that when young children participate in swimming lessons, the skills learned go above and beyond what is taught at the swim lessons. The “additional” learning comes in the form of actively listening to a coach and performing an activity. This set of skills, when translated into a formal schooling environment, results in effective participation and increased productivity in classrooms.

Most importantly, swimming remains a key survival skill. According to a 2012 WHO report, Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional deaths worldwide, especially in children under 5 years of age. Hence, learning to swim as early as possible is one of the few ways to proactively save lives. For individuals that were never taught how to swim when they were young, we offer a course tailored specifically for adults, where we progressively guide the student through the various stages of learning to swim.

Smile Swimmer’s stable of certified coaches are focused on ensuring that you are successful in your swimming journey. We offer personalized and group courses for Infants & Toddlers, preschools, Kids and Adults.

Enrol in one of courses today! Contact our lead instructor and ambassador, Coach Kidd, for a quick chat at:

Tel: +65 9661 6071

Email: kidd@smileswimmers.com

Our Coaches

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