Baby Swimming Lessons

For baby aged between 3 months to 12 months old

Price: $300(12 Sessions)

Learning how to swim should be the one of the first skills taught to any baby. However, most parents only begin sending their kids for swimming lessons when they are much older.

At Smile Swimmers, we have a specialised baby swimming lessons customised for infants aged between 3 to 12 months old. Our baby swimming lessons are designed by our talented swimming coach, Kidd.

For our baby swimming lessons, parents are required to accompany their babies in water during the lesson. This will greatly help them to build up their water confidence with the presence of their parents.

At this stage, basic swimming skills are being taught to the babies with less instructional based teaching. Water survival and manoeuvre skills will be taught to prepare them for advanced swimming classes when they advance to other levels like our Kids Swimming Classes at the later stage.

Our baby swimming lessons is structured to focus on the following domains:

  • Water survival skills
  • Water manoeuvre/movement
  • Body balancing and stabilising in water
  • Body coordination

Course Elements


We recognize the importance of fun in learning and are well equipped with colourful and attractive teaching tools. Our lessons are planned to ensure both you and your child have maximum fun and bonding time together.


Our small class size allows us to take a personal approach to teaching. We want you and your child to get the fullest attention of our coaches in return for your investment of time and trust in us.


Led by Coach Kidd, our highly qualified coaches place the safety of your child at the centre of everything we do. All our coaches are certified and qualified to international standards. As a safety measure, no infant or toddler stays in the pool for longer than 30 minutes, and even that time spent in the water is gradually built up.

Refer to our course structure below for more details about out 12 weeks baby swimming lessons.

12 Weeks Infant Course

Week 1

Basic Submerge or Dunking
  • The aim is to learn how to teach your baby how to hold their breathe with a cue when going underwater.
Basic Kicking, Paddling, Splashing
  • The aim is to strengthen the leg muscles, moving of their arms and enjoying splashing in the water and grabbing toys

Week 2

Revise -Week 1
Basic Back-float
  • The aim is to get used to the ears in the water, be able to be on their back, balancing and stabilise on their back

Week 3

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat
Advance Back-float
  • The aim is to teach baby how to float on their back by themselves without assist

Week 4

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat
Arching and Fall Forward
  • The aim is to teach baby to arch their back so that when they fall face down first they are able to roll over and float on their back

Week 5

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching
Basic Rotation
  • The aim is to teach baby how to rotate the head , body and roll over and float on their back

Week 6

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation
Balancing on the Hand
  • The aim is to teach baby how to work on their balancing skills, lower body strength

Week 7

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation, Balancing
Photo Taking
  • Group Photos, Underwater photos and videos

Week 8

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation, Balancing
Basic Drop
  • The aim is to drop baby at about 3 feet underwater and kick upwards to the surface and integrate with back float to survive in water

Week 9

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation, Balancing, Drop
Teaching Backflip
  • The aim is to teach baby how to flip backwards and be able to rotate or kick upwards to the surface to float and survive in water

Week 10

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation, Balancing, Drop, Backflip
Teaching Swim and Grip
  • The aim is to teach baby how to swim towards the wall and grip on to the wall to survive

Week 11

Revise - kicking, submerge, backfloat, Arching, Rotation, Balancing, Drop, Backflip
Final Assessment & Photo Taking

Week 12

Final Assessment & Certification
Photo Taking

Benefits of our baby swimming lessons

Infants are natural swimmers and are often without fear of water. They are like “fish in water”. In our course, aside from teaching your baby the water survival skill, we encourage parents to participate in the lessons as it is an excellent opportunity for you to bond and observe your child develop their love of floating in a weightless, calm and safe environment. We guarantee that it is an amazing experience to witness your baby gain confidence in the water!

By introducing your child to swimming as early as possible, you eliminate any fear of water, help instil confidence and inculcate a sense of independence in them. It aids and accelerates their mental and physiological development.

Infants as young as 3 months of age can now enrol in our baby swimming course. Unleash your child’s inner “water baby” with Smile Swimmers!

Upon graduation from our baby swimming lessons, you may wish to allow your child to proceed to the next level and enrol into our swimming lessons for toddlers.

Contact Smile Swimmersfor more information about our baby swimming lessons or book your slots today!