Preschoolers Swimming Course

(3 to 5 years old)

Price: $240(12 Sessions)

Preschoolers aged 3 year old to 5 year old are better at listening to instructions and independent. This is the best time to get your kids to learn to be independent and learn new things with their peers.

Skills like blowing bubbles, starfish float and back float without assistance, learning how to kick with the float and putting goggles on and picking up toys underwater are essential skills.

Confident preschools can start learning the front crawl or at least swim forward 10m independently using the swim breathe swim or the swim float swim techniques.

Course Elements


Children learn better and faster when they are having fun. Our teaching methods revolve around the use of games and goal oriented challenges as a means of learning. Through these games, we encourage friendly competition. This allows your child to build up a sense of determination and camaraderie with other kids of the same age.


Our classes are kept to a maximum ratio of one instructor to six students. This is our way of always ensuring that your child gets the personal attention needed at every stage of learning.


Led by Coach Kidd, our highly qualified coaches place the safety of your child at the centre of everything we do. With full First Aid certification for all our coaches, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety. Each class is kept to a maximum of 6 students so that our coaches are aware of the safety of each student at all the times. Furthermore, our lessons do not to stretch beyond 45 minutes to ensure that your child is not overworked.

Progression to National Swimming Badges

We recognize that every child is unique and that improvement in swimming proficiency varies from child to child. Therefore, we employ a progressive, step-by-step teaching syllabus. Our lessons are focused on helping your child safely attain the various SwimSafer certification badges (6 stages); a nationally recognized program focused on both swimming proficiency and water survival skills.

Upon attainment of these badges and depending on their individual interests, our students go on to take “Life-Saver” courses, where there are even more learning opportunities to enhance their swimming skills.

Preschoolers Course