Toddlers Swimming Course

(13 months to 3 years old)

Price: $300(12 Sessions)

So normally once an infant has finish the term and graduated from the course, parents may wish to continue with the same class so that babies will have a weekly routine or learn slightly more advanced skills to prepare and get them ready for Toddler class. As for this class we will gradually progress them according to their performance. So each week the exercises will be challenging but similiar.

For Toddler class parents will still be in the water, the age will be 13 months old onwards to 28 months, At this stage toddlers who have been in an infant course before will probably be very confident and we have set a structure for them on how to advance and learning new skills, new methods and new approach. Toddlers at this age will learn how to listen to instructions and perform better, learn how to swim abit further distance and so on.

Course Elements



We recognize the importance of fun in learning and are well equipped with colourful and attractive teaching tools. Our lessons are planned to ensure both you and your child have maximum fun and bonding time together.



Our small class size allows us to take a personal approach to teaching. We want you and your child to get the fullest attention of our coaches in return for your investment of time and trust in us.



Led by Coach Kidd, our highly qualified coaches place the safety of your child at the centre of everything we do. All our coaches are certified and qualified to international standards. As a safety measure, no infant or toddler stays in the pool for longer than 30 minutes, and even that time spent in the water is gradually built up.

12 Weeks Toddler Course

Week 1

Launch forward to swim
  • The aim is to learn how to teach your toddler how to sit and rock their body forward in order for them to be confident to fall forward and swim to parents without assistance.
Kicking, Paddling, Splashing and balancing with float
  • The aim is to strengthen the leg muscles, moving of their arms and enjoying splashing the water and grabbing toys and learning how to balance on the float.

Week 2

  • The aim is to teach your toddler to be able to float on the back without assistance.

Week 3

  • Kicking, launch forward swim, back float, balancing on float.

Week 4

Swimming to edge of pool
  • The aim is to teach your toddler to be able to see and hold and grip on to the wall to survive.

Week 5

Swimming through hoop
  • The aim is to teach to achieve horizontal body position and overcoming fear of swimming through obstacles.

Week 6

Revision & Underwater Photography (practice)

Week 7

Swim Float Swim Technique
  • The aim is to teach your toddler to be able to swim and roll over on to their back to float and turn over again to swim towards you.

Week 8

Revise Swim Float Swim

Week 9

Swimming forward swim 3m
  • The aim is to teach your toddler how to hold their breathe longer and be able to swim forward.

Week 10

Swim breathe Swim
  • The aim is to teach toddler how to do doggy paddle technique, this is usually for the older toddler which is about 18 months old onwards and this usually starts in term 2 of the toddler course.

Week 11


Week 12

Final Assessment & Certification
Photo Taking
  • The session will be held at Safra

By introducing your child to swimming as early as possible, you eliminate any fear of water, help instil confidence and inculcate a sense of independence in them. It aids and accelerates their mental and physiological development.

Toddlers between 13months - 28months old will be in a separate class from the infant class as toddlers at this age will learn more advanced swimming, more instructional based and more exercises which is going to prepare them for preschool classes which don't require parents to be in the water, so toddlers will need to be more independent

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