Underwater Photography Sessions

We are proud to announce that we will be the first swim school in Singapore to provide Underwater Photography Sessions for Infants and Toddlers.

This will be a unique experience for everyone. I believe that Baby photography is very common usually after a week babies are born, parents would take their love ones to the studio to do a photoshoot as its a one in a lifetime moment to keep.

However its even more special when you can have pictures of your baby swimming underwater. We teach infants from 3 months onwards and babies are natural swimmers, they have gag reflex that when brought underwater they will automatically hold their breath. So yes once your child is ready you can start bringing them underwater for a pose!

We also have shoots for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids. But of course in this case your child need to be able to put their face underwater and strike a pose as at this age, not all children are as confident as the babies. So you might want to look at lessons first before doing a photography session.

Private Shoots For those who have not done your Infant Survival Swim Course (ISS) or if you're child need some lessons before striking a pose underwater, we will be happy to let you know that we provide Private Shoots.

You can have the option of sticking to the default location chosen by us or arrange a session at your preferred location. For this private session, we will access and teach your infant how to dive underwater before the actual shoot. This will take around 5-10mins. Private Shoots will be 30mins long as babies cannot go more than 30mins as they get fatigue easily. At the end of the shoot, 2 edited soft copies will be given to you. Parents may purchase more photos if you wish to.

Price For Private Shoots

(30 min session, unlimited shots, including lesson fee, your preferred location, 2 large jpeg format file for printing and 2 low res jpeg for emailing) - $200

Extra Photos - $50 each

Photos will be forwarded to your email for pose evaluation within a week.


Terms& Conditions: Do let us know where is your location and inform the management if you have to in order for us to run the shoot smoothly. As for Toddlers, Preschools and Kids who are not able to swim or put the head underwater, not to worry also, we will do our best to get your child to smile underwater but there are no refund as we have photographers, venues and bookings which are made just cater to you. Similarly you will receive 2 edited soft copies and you may wish to purchase more if you want to.

Safety: If your child appears to be in distress at any time during the shoot we reserve the right to end your session early. There will be no refund.

Tips: Parents: During the family shots please look at the child. Avoid the blown out cheeks look or exhaling bubbles on the descent. Try to look natural and serene and descend to your knees and bottom calmly (no reason to jump upwards before descending). Ladies please make sure any make-up is waterproof! (Please practice, practice, most disappointing family shots are caused by the inexperienced parent rather than the child). Note If earlier in the session your child appears to be getting a little distressed please be aware that your child will be much calmer when descending underwater held in your arms.